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متابعينا الأعزاء، الموقع حالياً قيد التطوير والتحديث


عن المنظمة

DCI-Egypt, a member of the DCI federation, is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2000. It seeks to improve conditions for Egyptian children in conflict with the law, while also lobbying policy-makers for a better legal framework to serve children. Its vision is a society in which all children enjoy their rights, free from any form of discrimination.

The organization works by lobbying national governments and international agencies, providing training and education on children’s rights within the community, working directly with children’s rights organizations, and monitoring and documenting violations.
DCI-Egypt focuses its broad expertise in children’s matters on the most important areas: economic rights, health and welfare, sexual exploitation and abuse. By focusing on these areas, DCI-Egypt:

  • improves legal conditions for Egyptian children;
  • coordinates demands for children’s rights with other human rights organizations;
  • monitors and identifies abuses and violation trends;
  • lobbies decision-makers for policies that improve and protect children’s rights;
  • mobilizes public opinion to demand children’s rights locally within the community and nationally by the legal system.
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